Sport Integrity Australia partners with pride in sport

Sports Integrity Australia

Sport Integrity Australia has become the newest member of the Australian Pride in Sport program and is committed to further developing and increasing the participation of LGBTQ people.

ACON Health’s Pride in Sports program is the only sports inclusion program specifically designed to assist sports organizations by involving employees, athletes, coaches, volunteers, officials and spectators of different genders and sexual orientations.

Being a Pride member in Sport means changing practices and working towards a more inclusive, safe and healthy sporting environment for people of different sexualities and genders.

Sports Integrity Australia CEO David Sharpe is encouraged by Pride in Sport’s efforts to help spread positive messages and examples of LGBTQ inclusion in sports programming in Australia.

We are pleased to partner with Pride in SportSharp said. “Sport Integrity Australia recognizes the power of sport to unite Australians and is committed to creating a clean, safe, equitable and inclusive environment for all.

Sports should be a place where everyone is welcome.

Data 2020 PSI National Survey 44% of people who are not active LGBTQ Ally members said they were too busy to engage in individual activities, showing that only 44% of LGBTQ people felt mentally good in their sport.

Data on the field The research showed that 80% of people have witnessed or experienced homophobia in sports, while 75% believe that an openly gay person would not be safe as a spectator at a sporting event.

Beau Newell, Australian Pride in Sport National Program Manager, said that real and perceived social exclusion is one of the leading causes of preventable death in Australia and that creating a much healthier and safer sport culture for LGBTQ people has never been more important.

By joining Pride in Sport and working with ACON, Sport Integrity Australia shows the community that it cares about the health and well-being of athletes and sport participants in Australia.said Newell.

Congratulations to Sport Integrity Australia for spearheading changing Australia’s sporting culture to be more inclusive.

Pride in Sports It is Australia’s first and only sexual and gender diversity inclusion program for the Australian sport industry.


Pride in Sports is a national non-profit program that assists sports organizations and clubs with the participation of LGBTQ staff, athletes, coaches, volunteers, officials and spectators. It is part of ACON’s Proud Inclusion Programs, which provides a range of services that support employers, sports organizations and service providers in all aspects of LGBTQ inclusion. All funds raised through membership and ticketed events go back to the work of Pride in Sport, which is actively working with sporting organisations, clubs and attendees to make Australian sport inclusive of LGBTQ communities. Visit the Honors Inclusion Programs website for more information. Here.


The Pride in Sport Index (PSI) is an independently managed benchmarking system that provides all national and state sporting organizations the opportunity to review, measure and monitor their LGBTQ-related initiatives, programs and policies. An initiative of the Australian Human Rights Commission, the Australian Sports Commission, and the legacy of the Sydney 2014 Bingham Cup (world gay rugby cup), this competition was developed in conjunction with an advisory group of representatives from the National Rugby League (NRL). Australian Football League (AFL), Australian Rugby Union (ARU), Australian Football Association (FFA), Australian Cricket, Australian Swimming, Water Polo Australia, Australian Basketball and Australian Golf. For more information, visit the Pride in Sport website Here.

Friday, 07 July 2023

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