New Zealand Visit – Sport and Recreation Integrity transition program

Sports Integrity Australia

A delegation of sport and recreation integrity officials from New Zealand visited the Sport Integrity Australia offices this week to learn how Australia founded Sport Integrity Australia three years ago, gain insight into how we manage sports integrity issues and share their experience so far. he did. and future plans.

New Zealand is in the process of establishing the Integrity Sport and Recreation Commission, a new Independent Royal body that aims to increase integrity in sport and recreation by protecting and promoting the safety and well-being of participants and the fairness of competition. It will perform the integrity functions of Drug Free Sport New Zealand and Sport NZ, including complaints and mediation service.

The New Zealand delegation consisted of four officials from the Integrity Transition Program that established the Commission: Don Mackinnon – Chairman of the Establishment Board; Rebecca Rolls – Director, Integrity Transition Program; Sadie Verity – Transition Operations Officer; and Regan Nathan – Senior Policy Adviser.

In addition to meetings with various parts of our agency, the NZ delegation briefed all staff on the integrity review processes, the Integrity Transition Program to establish the new Commission, threats to integrity as well as their integrity frameworks, codes, processes and pathways. .

As in many countries, we have conducted a number of high-profile reviews of sports integrity issues; this has raised a number of issues related to bullying and athlete welfare.Said Don Mackinnon of the New Zealand experience. “That’s why our participant-centered focus in the sport and recreation sector stands out in what we create alongside core functions such as anti-doping and competitive manipulation..

This visit to Sport Integrity Australia allows us to relay insights from the New Zealand experience and helps us develop an international approach to improving integrity outcomes. While we share many of our similarities, incorporating recreation into the New Zealand cohesion focus may seem a little more original to us.

Darren Mullaly, Head of International Affairs and Strategy, said Sports Integrity Australia looks forward to continuing to partner and collaborate with the New Zealand Commission.

We have had a very close relationship with Drug Free Sport New Zealand in the anti-doping context in the past and we look forward to continuing to partner and collaborate with the new organisation.said.

New Zealand Integrity Transition Program representatives Regan Nathan, Sadie Verity, Don Mackinnon and Rebecca Rolls, pictured Darren Mullaly (right).

Friday, 07 July 2023

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