RUSADA and ROC – in favor of fair competition for young Olympians!

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Young athletes from nine countries gathered in the main arena of Luzhniki on 1 June. Athletes from 27 regions of Russia, Republic of Belarus, Armenia, Uzbekistan, Syrian Arab Republic, Esvatini, Gambia, Namibia, Mali and Laos participated in the International Young Olympians Forum.

“Five years ago, when the PRC first held the International Forum of Young Olympians, its main goal was to bring anti-doping work with young athletes to a new level. Today we can say that a lot has been done and we are moving in the right direction.

I must say that it is difficult to talk about the effective formation of an Olympic reserve without the active participation of all Russian sports federations and, of course, RUSADA.

The ROC has always and will continue to assist anti-doping incidents everywhere. Sport, including youth sport, must be clean and victory must be fair!” – noted Vladimir Borisovich Sengleev, Director General of the Russian Olympic Committee.

RUSADA Director General Veronika Viktorovna Loginova commented on the signing of the agreement with ROC: “We will attach more importance to anti-doping programs aimed at young athletes. Our aim is not to punish, but to ensure the right of young Olympians to do clean sports and to protect the health of athletes.”

Creating a culture of intolerance to doping must begin at the earliest stages of athletes’ training. RUSADA and ROC regularly organize information events for athletes, coaches and other federation representatives. Particular attention is paid to young Olympians, whose classes are held in an interesting format of exams and competitions.

Thursday, 01 June 2023

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