USADA Celebrates Appointments of New Board Chair and Three New Board Members


The US Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) is today the new chairman of its independent board of directors, Dr. Tobie Smith announced the appointment of Kara Goucher as the new athlete representative, with the unanimous approval of its Director, Lee Dunn. Politics and former US Ambassador to India Tim Roemer as board member at Google Cloud.

We are very excited and honored to have these four leaders serve in Turkey. USADA Board of Directorssaid Travis T. Tygart, CEO of USADA. “Their collective experience as athletes and verbal advocates of integrity will be invaluable to USADA’s ongoing efforts to support clean sport and protect the well-being of athletes. Listening to and acting on feedback from athletes is the cornerstone of our top-down operations, and it is both essential and clear that our board members are of the highest character, with a commitment to both ethics and integrity, to fulfill this mission.

Dr. Smith assumed the role of chairman in November 2022, after six years as vice chairman for three years on the USADA Board of Directors. His assumption continues USADA’s legacy of having an athlete as president, following the tenures of three-time Olympic medalist Edwin Moses (2012-20) and three-time Olympic racewalker Philip Dunn (2020-23). Outside of this position, Dr. Smith is currently He is the founder and executive director of Street Health DC and is also Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine at the Georgetown University School of Medicine. Before embarking on his medical career, Dr. Smith was a world-class swimmer, competing in long distance and open water freestyle events, including the 1998 FINA World Championships in Perth and the 2003 FINA World Championships in Barcelona.

“I am excited and honored to take on this new role as USADA Chairman of the Board,” said Dr. Smith. “Maintaining integrity and fairness in sport is critical for athletes, their support staff and fans alike. I look forward to continuing to build on the tremendous work of Philip and the entire board as we prepare for many exciting events in the years to come.”

Goucher joined the board in May 2023 with years of experience as an elite long-distance runner, informant and advocate for female athletes. Throughout his running career, Goucher has had notable achievements, including becoming a two-time Olympian, winning World Championship medals, and finishing on the podium at the New York and Boston Marathons. Along the way, however, she experienced a culture of harassment that led to her being a whistleblower on many issues, including anti-doping. Goucher’s experience in navigating the anti-doping field and defending what is right even in the face of tremendous challenges will give the USADA Board a unique perspective on the complex realities facing athletes today.

Clean sport is incredibly important for promoting an ethical and safe environment for athletessaid. “I’ve seen firsthand the damage that sport can do if bad players are left unchecked. That’s why I’m very excited to work with USADA to ensure that every athlete can compete on an equal footing.

Dunn and Ambassador Roemer joined the board in May 2023, bringing with them years of experience in the public sector. While at Google, Dunn worked directly with the White House, cabinet departments and political campaigns on outreach strategies and advertising needs. A lawyer by profession, Dunn spent nearly nine years as General Counsel to the late U.S. Senator John McCain and has a wealth of legal knowledge that will serve to protect the rights of clean athletes and ensure a fair and equitable investigative process.

Ambassador Roemer joined the board after serving his nation for 20 years, first as a Member of Congress, then as a member of the 9/11 commission, and most recently as the US Ambassador to India, where he oversaw the signing of the US Anti-Terrorism Convention. The Cooperation Initiative and helped India move from position of America’s 25th largest trading partner to 12th. As a Congressman, he was a strong advocate of Title IX policies and will use this passion to ensure that all athletes, regardless of gender, are treated equally under the anti-doping system. With a background in international trade, education policy and national security, Ambassador Roemer is a trusted consensus builder, problem solver and international expert.

With the appointment of new members, USADA announced that the departing members were Philip Dunn, former president and three-time Olympian, and Dr. It also recognizes and honors Ken Wright’s contributions.

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Thursday, 01 June 2023

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