The #EUSportIntegrityDay campaign offers an opportunity to speak out against match fixing and demonstrate dedication to protecting the integrity of sport.

EU Athletes

The #EUSportIntegrityDay campaign, held on April 15 each year, provides an opportunity to raise your voice against match-fixing and demonstrate your commitment to protecting the integrity of sport. EU Athletes launched this initiative in 2014 and has continued to grow ever since, with new stakeholders expressing their support each year. In 2023, the campaign had strong support from the players movement, including multi-sport national associations as well as associations representing various sports such as handball, basketball, volleyball, rugby and futsal.

As part of the Erasmus+ project this year Maintain Integrity Online Co-funded by the European Union, an animated video was produced in English, Spanish, Italian, Danish and French, ensuring that the message is received in their mother tongue by as many stakeholders as possible. Players, coaches, officials and support staff at all levels should be aware of match-fixing threats and applicable policies in their sport. You can watch the video in English below.

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The integrity of sport is a top priority for EU Athletes and their members. Match-fixing poses a grave threat to the integrity of sports and can have a detrimental effect on the entire sports industry and those involved. In recent years, match-fixing has rapidly spread to new formats and new fields due to increasing digitalization and the changing sports landscape.

Athlete and player associations regularly train athletes in emerging methods of manipulating competition to ensure that athletes can identify the fixer and report the incident promptly. Conversely, safe and effective ways to report match-fixing cases in all sports and countries should be established and supported so that notifications are not overlooked. To combat match-fixing effectively, we must cooperate and share our knowledge and expertise at the local, national and international level.

Join us! Take a stand against match fixing on #EUSportIntegrityDay and share it on social media platforms.

You can find more information about the campaign at #EUSportIntegrityDay website.

Saturday, April 15, 2023

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