WADA confirms non-compliance of the National Anti-Doping Organization of Gabon


The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), the Gabon National Anti-Doping Organization (NADO), effective today, World Anti-Doping Code (Code).

The non-compliance is the result of the Code not fully implementing the 2021 version within its legal system.

This development follows decision At the meeting of the WADA Executive Committee (ExCo) on 17 November 2022, the independent Compliance Review Committee (CRC) to add Gabon NADO to Code compliance’to-watch list‘. Gabon NADO has provided draft amendments to the relevant legislation that WADA has approved as compliant with the Code, as well as a clear timetable for the adoption of these amendments into its legal system. On this basis, the CRC recommended its inclusion in the ‘ list.to-watch list‘.

According to International Standard on Code Compliance by Signatories (ISCCS), NADOs’to-watch listExCo gave Gabon NADO four months to implement its corrective action plan. This deadline, March 17, 2023, has passed uncorrected to the satisfaction of the CRC. Pursuant to ISCCS Article 9.2.3, on March 20, 2023, WADA sent a formal notice of non-compliance to the Gabon NADO. Gabon NADO had 21 days from the date of receipt of formal notice to challenge WADA’s claim of non-compliance and/or the results and/or conditions of reinstatement proposed by the Agency, pursuant to ISCCS Article 9.3.1. .

Gabon NADO has not challenged WADA’s claim of non-compliance, the proposed consequences of non-compliance, or the proposed reinstatement conditions within 21 days of WADA’s claim of non-compliance. As a result, the alleged non-compliance is deemed to have been accepted and the terms accepted. Accordingly, the official notification sent to Gabon NADO on 20 March 2023 is now a final decision.

As recommended by the CRC in accordance with Article 11 of the ISCCS and Annex B.3.1 and approved by WADA’s ExCo, the following consequences are imposed on the Gabon NADO:

  1. Gabon NADO loses WADA privileges until reinstated [ISCCS Annex. B.3.1(a)].

This includes:

  • Pursuant to the relevant provisions of the WADA Code, NADO representatives shall not be eligible to hold any position as a member of any WADA office or any WADA board or committee or other body, including but not limited to membership in WADA’s Establishment Board, ExCo. Standing Committee and any other committee.
  • NADO will not be eligible to host any event hosted or organized by WADA or co-organised or co-organised.
  • NADO representatives will not be eligible to participate in any WADA Independent Observer programs, WADA Athlete Outreach programs, or other WADA activities.
  • NADO will not receive any WADA funding (directly or indirectly) for the development of certain activities or participation in certain programmes.

  1. Representatives of NADO may not serve as members of the board or committee or other body of any Law Signatory (or its members) or Association of Signatories for a period of one year from the date of official notification or until NADO is reinstated. , whichever is longer [ISCCS Annex B.3.1 (d)].
  2. NADO’s home country, Gabon, will face some consequences until reinstated [ISCCS Annex B.3.1 (e)]to contain:

  • Gabon will not be granted the right to host regional, continental and World Championships, as well as other events organized by Major Event Organisations; until it’s back to normal.
  • The country flag will not fly at regional, continental and World Championships and other events organized by Major Event Organizations (including the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games) until reinstated.

If Gabon NADO still has not met the reinstatement conditions after 12 months, the CRC will discuss other possible outcomes for consideration by ExCo, as provided by ISCCS.

As a condition of reinstatement, Gabon NADO must ensure that the necessary amendments to bring relevant Gabonese legislation into line with the Code are adopted and come into force. Throughout this process, WADA will continue to provide guidance and support to Gabon NADO to resolve the non-compliance. WADA will also monitor the implementation of the results listed above by other Code Signatories and may take compliance measures if a Signatory fails to fully implement them. Further guidance on the practical implementation of these results will be provided in a separate message to the respective Signatory categories.

Tuesday, 11 April 2023

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