Sport Integrity Australia Finalises Matters Relating to Football Australia’s Independent Complaint Handling Process

Sports Integrity Australia

Sport Integrity Australia has resolved all matters related to Football Australia’s (FA) Independent Complaints Handling Process (ICHP).

The process allows Sport Integrity Australia to independently receive, consider and manage complaints regarding Football Australia’s National Programs (including men’s and women’s National teams, as well as A-League Men, A-League Women and A-League Youth). was created to provide ).

Sport Integrity Australia received 27 applications, the majority of which were disqualified. 3 applications that were out of scope were referred to law enforcement, while the other 2 applications went to the investigation stage and were concluded.

Of the two cases under investigation, the complaint of one was withdrawn and the other could not be proven.

All complaints and reports will remain confidential in accordance with section 3.9(a) of the applicable policy.

Thursday, 13 April 2023

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