In-Game Advertising: Opportunities & Key Issues For Video Games & Esports

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Tuesday, 11 April 2023 Written Alex Dixie, Andrew Cox, Call Granger

As the video game industry and related esports industry continues to expand, publishers are looking for new ways to monetize their advertising opportunities. This article discusses the transition to in-game advertising and how game publishers and advertisers can leverage these new technologies while managing the risks that may arise.

It also looks at potential interaction with esports and issues that may arise in the industry regarding in-game advertising. The article ends with some important tips that advertisers should be aware of in order to take advantage of these opportunities.

It examines:

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Written by

Alex Dixie

Alex Dixie

Alex is a commercial partner at Bird & Bird and head of advertising technology practice working for brands, agencies and technology providers.

Andrew Cox

Andrew Cox

Andrew is a Business Assistant at Bird & Bird’s London office, supporting clients in the media, entertainment and sports industries on a wide range of transactional, commercial and regulatory issues.

Call Granger

Call Granger

Callum is a second year intern at Bird & Bird’s London office, completing a BA in Intellectual Property, Corporate, Commercial and Real Estate.

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