Sports Integrity Summit announced to take place in Brasilia

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  • GovRisk and lead partner genius Sports, It will jointly host the 2nd Integrity in Sport Summit in Brasilia at 11 pm.pearl May 2023 will bring together global experts, policy makers, regulators, law enforcement and representatives of the sports, legal and betting industries.
  • Building on the success of the 2019 anti-corruption summit, this event will provide a forum to foster closer cooperation between the public and private sectors. Key stakeholders will discuss global best practices in sports betting regulation and share groundbreaking technology to more effectively protect Brazilian sports against betting-related corruption threats.
  • High-profile international and local delegates include representatives of the Ministry of Finance, the Brazilian Olympic Committee, the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS), the Attorney General, the United Nations Office on Drugs (UNODC) and organizations such as Crime, Interpol, ABRADIE. Legal representatives and additional partners from law firms FYMSA, Genius Sports, Rei do Pitaco, Entain, Liga Nacional de Basquét (LNB), Athletico Paranaense, Sao Paulo Football Club, BNLData and Bichara & Motta, will be announced in the coming days.
  • To view the entire program and register your participation, please click here. Here.

11 on Thursdaypearl May This International Institute for Governance and Risk (“GovRisk”) and lead partner Genius Sports Brazil will host the 2nd matchnd Integrity in Sport Summit in Brasilia. This summit came after representatives of the Ministry of Finance, the Special Sports Secretariat, the Prosecutor’s Office and the Federal Police met in Brasilia in October 2019. At that summit, it was decided that the Association for Integrity in Sports would be beneficial to the industry and ABRADIE was launched recently. Since that inaugural event, public scrutiny over sports and betting has intensified in Brazil, match-fixing has reached endemic levels, and Brazilian football has triggered the most honesty alerts of any sport in the world.

With the upcoming sports betting regulation by the Brazilian Ministry of Finance, the summit will discuss the potential implications of the sports betting regulation in Brazil in terms of taxation, licensing requirements and ways to detect, prevent and investigate suspicious betting activities. International experts from regulated markets such as the UK, Italy, USA and Australia will share their views on legalization and regulatory best practices in these mature markets.

The summit will leverage the most advanced technical solutions available and discuss the development of regulatory models to identify and map current crime trends to help foster collaboration between policymakers, regulators and all sports stakeholders to protect Brazilian sport from match-fixing.

Lead partner Genius Sports will demonstrate how advances in big data monitoring technology, artificial intelligence and expert intelligence systems enable rapid detection of suspicious bets to aid in match-fixing prevention, detection and investigation and support local and international law enforcement efforts.

Dominic Le Moignan, Executive Director of GovRisk, aforementioned: “This summit is both timely and extremely important, following continued efforts to regulate sports betting in Brazil, as well as an increase in match fixing attempts in some Brazilian football leagues and other top sports. The Summit is a unique opportunity for Brazil to learn from the successes and mistakes of other regulated markets and design an ecosystem that supports both sports teams and players against criminal activity and preserves the integrity of Brazilian sport now and for generations to come.

Mark Locke, CEO of Genius Sportsaforementioned: “In legalized sports betting markets, effective regulation provides greater transparency, collaboration and information sharing – all of which are pillars of protecting the integrity of sport. While match-fixing is common in Brazil right now, regulators have an opportunity to create a leading regulatory framework that directly addresses this once-in-a-lifetime issue. We look forward to working with other key stakeholders and sharing our extensive experience in sports integrity, data and regulation to protect and enhance the future of Brazilian sport.

Event information:

Thursday, May 11, 2023 08:15 – 17:30 GMT-4


Conference Hall Minister Mozart Victor Russomano, SUPERIOR LABOR COURT, Brasilia, BRASÍLIA DF, 70070-600, Brazil.

Participation is free. Please note, however, that the Summit Steering Committee has discretion in allocating tickets as places are limited by the size of the auditorium. A ticket request does not confirm participation. To avoid disappointment, registration requests should be made quickly at the link below:

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