Can retired footballers appear in gambling ads? (ASA Rulings v Paddy Power & SkyBet)


more for us previous articleonewho commented on the recent Advertising Standards Authority (“ASPECT) ruling against a Ladbrokes ad featuring current Premier League players Philippe Coutinho, Jesse Lingard and Kalidou Koulibaly, the ASA has issued two more orders banning gambling ads with the phrase “” as part of its updated rules.strong objection“For under 18s.

As we reported earlier2The ASA’s initial decision strictly enforced the latest restrictions on a Ladbrokes ad featuring Coutinho, Lingard, and Koulibaly, as they were classified as “”.high risk” Individuals who have decided by the ASA that the ad should not reappear in its current form (see paragraph 3 under the first subheading below).

These final decisions focused on Rice Power And SkyBet The ads provide useful lessons for advertisers to analyze whether the inclusion of retired athletes (and particularly those involved in scholarship) in gambling ads would also violate the ASA’s updated restrictions. In recent decisions, England’s former footballers Peter Crouch and Micah Richards’ level of appeal to under-18s has come under the ASA’s microscope.

Decisions available Here And Here.

This article explores:


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