Independent Report on the UEFA Champions League Final 2022: Lessons for Venue Owners & Event Operators

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Events as Liverpool FC on 28 May 2022 (“LFC“) preparing to play Real Madrid in the UEFA Champions League Final in Paris (“UCLF22”) was independently investigated by the critical publication UEFA. report to last month’s findings (“Report”).

Independent Review Panel (“PanelLed by Dr Brandão Rodrigues”), set out to investigate and clarify the events that occurred, and in doing so identified eight failures that either caused or contributed to a “near miss” event (e.g. the potential to turn into a mass fatal disaster) and were responsible for the alleged failures. organizations. It has identified twenty-one recommendations (from page 196) aimed at optimizing safety and security standards in UEFA competitions, with the aim of improving the services provided in football competitions more generally and ultimately preventing future disasters. The terms of reference for the report can be found at: Appendix I Your report.

The report states that health and safety (“health and safety”) laws are different from those in the UK, from the perspective of UK H&S law there are many transferable learnings and implications that all venue owners and event operators, not just footballers, should consider.

This article reviews the Report and looks at:


Rob Elvin Beth Thompson

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