Swiss Federal Tribunal Confirms The Validity Of CAS Anti-Doping Division Proceedings As First Instance Tribunal

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Friday, 13 January 2023 Posted by Doctor Despina Mavromati

This article discusses an important issue recently. decisionone by the Swiss Federal Supreme Court (“PFT”) confirming the validity of the CAS Anti-Doping Tribunal (“ADD CAS”) as a first instance disciplinary court in delegation by sports federations – and subsequent appeal to the Appeals Division of the Court of Arbitration for Sport (“CAS”).

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Despina Mavromati

Doctor Despina Mavromati

Dr. Despina Mavromati is a lawyer at a Swiss law firm. BianchiSchwald and has extensive experience in international sports law and arbitration. It represents athletes, clubs and federations and advises on regulatory and sports governance issues, including the recognition and enforcement of awards and the freezing of assets in Switzerland. Despina has served as an attorney, associate counsel, expert or arbitrator in numerous sports arbitrations involving contracting, governance, doping-related and other disciplinary and ethical issues. Recognized as a Thought Leader by Who’s Who Legal in Switzerland every year since 2018, “Despina Mavromati is a “brilliant and successful” lawyer known for “making a big name and profile in the market”.

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