Why BrewDog’s ‘Anti-Sponsoring’ World Cup Campaign May Land Them In Trouble

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Wednesday, 16 November 2022 Written david cake bread, Brinsley Dresden

With less than a week left until the 2022 FIFA World Cup, football watchers’ heads are turned to Qatar. Given Qatar’s human rights record and various question marks about the legitimacy of the country’s bid to host the tournament, many outside the football community (including brands) are paying more attention than usual.

as it was discovered last article Written on the subject by Alex Kelham, this political spotlight provides the basic conditions for trap marketing campaigns. Ambush is normally associated with businesses trying to present themselves as sponsors of an event to capitalize on the goodwill generated by an event. But it’s not uncommon for opportunistic brands to take an interest in excitement and surrounding events, even when such attention (as in the Qatar World Cup) is largely critical or negative.

Earlier this week, BrewDog (Scottish brewery) announced itself through a series of physical billboards and online posts.Proud Anti-Sponsor of the World F*Cup“. This sharp expression is a Claim on BrewDog’s website He said he would donate the profits from all sales of Lost Lager during the World Cup to human rights charities.

This article reviews the marketing campaign run by BrewDog, along with campaign criticism and potential legal issues that may arise.

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david cake bread

david cake bread

David is a Partner at Lewis Silkin in the Digital, Commerce and Creative practice group with a particular focus on the sports, media and entertainment sectors.

Brinsley Dresden

Brinsley Dresden

Brinsley is the UK’s only member of the Associate and Global Advertising Lawyers Association, leading the Advertising and Marketing Law Industry Focus Group at Lewis Silkin.

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